Friday, 23 July 2010


Made Up Dream #1

Made Up Dream #1: I did some made up dreams. You said you liked em. I feigned nonchalance but beneath was a butterfly bellied bighead.


  1. Dem! Great to see you active on the blog-scene again. Lovely idea, making up dreams. Do they appear in your not-made-up dreams sometimes?
    I don't do Twitter, am only a ghostly presence on Facebook and MySpace ain't my space. So I guess I miss a lot of things I should probably not miss.

  2. fab picture! illustrates your made up dream very well.

  3. Great to see you in blogland again, and a new blog! I love your idea ff making up dreams into these great illustrations. Like Natalie, I'm not on these other social networks, just my ol' bloggie. Hope you are well!

  4. Thank you Natalie, Sam, Marja-Leena. Just finished a play so still coming down from that a bit.

    Twitter has been great for my made up dreams, the character limit seems to mould into the perfect frame & there's such a short path from idea to realisation that it's helped me to generate a lot of momentum. I'm not particularly happy with these first two stabs at visualising it, trying something new when I'm v rusty & should probably start with what I'm best at to get my eye & confidence in. But I do have something bubbling along now & there's much more to come.