Monday, 21 February 2011

Made Up Dream Novel #1.1

Made Up Dream novel #1.1


  1. Congratulations Demian!

    I thought you might like this.
    Although I use proper shaving soap now and a brush.

  2. 2nd fAde - cheers mate :)

    Mycroft - thanks! Ah Mycroft - a shaving video! You must come over for tea & then, even if we don't quite manage to create something of Shavian significance, I can at least show you my shaving & moustache things. This may all be part of a Jehova's Witness style attempt to convert you from that blade to something more in keeping with your steampunk splendour though so I apologise in advance for my fundamentalism.

  3. Hello, I sent you an email.
    However I hear a lot of reports that my emails get junked.

    Did you get it?

  4. Yes! Sorry, lazy weekend, hibernated & didn't get round to replying. I'm replying now...

  5. Thanks mate - long time no see, hope you and yours are well?